Episode 7: Should Sociopaths be allowed to Own Uzis?

I’m just asking . . .

The New York millionaire who once said that his mother locked him in a dog cage is biting back.
Real estate heir William Koeppel sued his mother, Roberta, over the family’s estimated $48 million fortune last year in Manhattan Surrogate Court, challenging her handling of properties that he’s due to inherit from his father, Robert. Now he also wants his father’s body exhumed, sources say.

But according to Roberta, it was William who hastened the patriarch’s death.
“I don’t think he took a knife or gun to him, but his actions were just as lethal,” Roberta, said in court papers. She also said that William “badgered” his dad relentlessly for property ownership and that he once even knocked the arthritic old man to the floor.
William insists he did no such thing. “I always loved and respected my father,” he told us. “We were the best of friends and business partners.”
Which is more than he’ll say about his mother, who he said kept him kenneled and sedated as a child. Roberta has responded that her son is “pathetic” and a “lost soul” but denied any child abuse. In fact, she has accused him of grabbing and twisting her arm, dousing her clothes with a flammable liquid and planting an eavesdropping device in her bedroom. In 1995, she won an order of protection against him.
William, who admits that his gun collection includes an Uzi, has disputed all those charges.  story


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