Castellano Family Garbage Pickup

The 4th characteristic is pathological lying.  The 15th chacteristic listed is; Exploits others. (see profile of a sociopath)

Episode 2: Castellano Family Garbage Pickup

When William Koeppel discovered Liz Kruger and other politicians were coming to a meeting at 350 East 52nd Street to support the tenants and advise on future action, he told anyone who would listen that he had contracted the Castellano Family to remove the garbage.  Well, sure enough, the day of the political gathering, the garbage was picked up.  Somehow I do not believe this guy and his U-Haul were sent by the Castellano Family.  I could be wrong.

This poor guy was charged with tossing weeks worth of maggot filled, juice dripping, rat infested garbage into a U-Haul moving truck.  It took him 2 trips.

I am never renting from U-Haul again. . . .  eeeeew!

(see garbage / maggot video )

And here is a nice shot of the basement.  This is the path one must squeeze through to get to the laundry room:

But Mr. Koeppel insists there has been “no decline in services!”

Ah, Billy – what goes on in that head of yours ????


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