Studio Shots

Radiation!  Click here to take the free studio tour & see all 28 cell towers.

Our laundry room pets.

Our high end entrance sign

The lobby at 350 offers ample space for drunken strangers when needed.

Apartment for rent!

This is the view from the elevator when the doors open  enroute to the laundry room.

and here is the elevator which has been missing the mirror, which is required by code:


Pictured below is the outside of the elevator which you may not notice, has been missing the fire exit signage since February.   Luckily the glue residue you see stuck on the wall here blends in with the wallpaper – sort of.  We have informed the set designers and hope to have it replaced for the 2012 episodes.

Our once lovely lobby now looks like this.  

Our garbage mounds.  Rats, rodents & Maggots shown separately.

This is William Koeppel’s ‘secret’ hiding spot for garbage when there’s just no room left on the sidewalk for 1 more bag.  This lures the rats, roaches & maggots right to the door of the basement.  Thanks, Bill – we know that it’s no big deal – as long as you don’t have to live in the building!

Billy finds additional secret spots to pile up the trash in the back of the building.  We wonder how are neighbors like the new view – we hate it – not only because it’s an eye sore but because it harbors more vermin.


State Senator Liz Kruger came to support our staff and speak with the press about our building and our landlord.

The INSIDE stairwell

Our supporters


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