Season Farewell


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Over the holiday break, the 350 East 52nd Street Tenants Association received several e-mails & usual complaints from building residents.  We share them with you here:

e-mail dated 12/14/11

I moved out of building November 1st, and Koeppel was supposed to return my funds. He decided to deduct $500 from deposit (total amount was $2800), and now he is refusing to issue the check to me.
I’ve been trying to get my funds back for the last two weeks, I’ve called Duell Management every day. Today Koeppel told me I sounded like someone that should be deported and when I called Maria from the Accounting at Duell to follow up after that, she started yelling at me, telling me I was a nightmare, stating that now they would deliberately not give me my check and I may call the Attorney General if I want.

Please advise me how to proceed further.

On Dec 18th, we received this e-mail:
I had an issue with my ups package which according to my tracking # had been delivered but our doormen could not locate and claimed they never saw. After I spent an hour arguing with ups because they swore it was picked up, Steve luckily remembered seeing a box with my name. It turned out that one of the doormen marked the box with the wrong apt number so nobody saw it laying there.
And on Dec 19th:
As I passed through the lobby, a man from 10K was returning a box they marked in HUGE black letters 10K & gave to him.  The box was addressed to Apt. 10 E  & luckily he noticed before opening. . . .
Dec. 23rd:
Tenant received a package dated June 6th.  It had been in the building since June!
Begin scheduled program:
[Scene: although 350 East 52nd Street displays not one wreath, not one menorah, not one kinara, holiday light, holiday card or any hint of the holiday season, tenants feel the joy!  Newest super, Jay Juan Melendez, stands in lobby, hovering over day doorman all day long, everyday. No one can figure out what his purpose is.]
Monday, Dec. 19th:
Jesus is the replacement doorman who works the 3:00 – 11:00 shift in the building. He’s one of those people it would be difficult for anyone to dislike.  He’s an experienced doorman with lots of integrity, good manners and a great personality.  It seems that even the tenants who did not want to like any of the replacement staff can’t help but to really like Jesus.  Even the strikers love him!  He’s generally early to work, always impeccably dressed and ready with a smile & a kind word.  On December 19th he arrived to work 12 minutes late. It was the 1st time he had ever been late and was visibly upset over it.  His train skipped a station & he had to go uptown & then back down.  When he arrived at 350, Jay Jaun Melendez, (aka “JJ”), our newest “building manager” greeted him at the door. Jesus apologized and explained to JJ what happened with the train. An argument ensued and JJ called Jesus a “liar” and a “faggot”. (I thought that word went out with the 80’s. . . )  According to the strikers and resident cast members, the argument in the middle of the lobby got pretty heated.
JJ left for home and it wasn’t long before Jesus was able to shake the bad vibes from our lobby.
Tuesday, Dec. 20th:
Jesus received a call from JJ prior to his shift. He has been fired.  No reason was given, he was simply told not to come in to work.   Resident cast members are beyond devastated – they’re angry – really angry!
Leave it to a Modern Staffing thug to fire the most loved replacement doorman we’ve had five days before Christmas!
[scene: small bald man wearing jeans and diamond earrings stands in corner of lobby feeling ‘big’ after firing his second employee in his 3 or so weeks as the ‘building manager’ of 350 E. 52nd Street.  Commercial break]
One resident cast member made a flyer and hung them in the mail room and on each floor by the elevator so that cast members planning to give Jesus a holiday tip could still do so.
[Roll clip of flyer]
The fliers were put up in the afternoon.
[New character introduction: “Booth”, name changed to hide the identity of non-“cast” character]
For some unknown reason that resident cast members are still trying to figure out, one building resident, Booth, became furious when she saw the fliers.  Cast members witnessed Booth running around 350 tearing down each of the fliers floor by floor.
Being that the resident cast members needed to be informed about Jesus’ termination and the collection of holiday cards & tips, the cast re-posted the fliers again at 10:30 that evening.
Wednesday, Dec 21st pre-dawn:
5:30 am Booth is running around the building taking down the fliers for the second time.
In an apparent attempt to ruin Christmas for our strikers, William Koepell showed up at 350 East 52nd Street.  It was a gloomy, rainy day in the city.  The men were gifted a tent from one of the cast to protect them from the rain. Here they are in their tent on theday they received it.
Koeppel told our striking doormen that the tent they were standing under resembled that of the refugees in Rawanda and like the refugees, “you guys  should be wiped out.”
Around 2:00 pm, fliers re: Jesus are individually re-distributed for the third time – this time under all resident doors in the building.
This cockroach was found in the stairwell by cast member distributing fliers:
Dec. 22
JJ threw out Resident cast member Laurie’s new box of dog treats that the doorman kept at the lobby desk for the building pets. This was apparently retaliation for the flyer she made informing the rest of the cast about the way JJ fired Jesus.
JJ told temporary staffers that he had told Laurie he would throw the treats out if she did not remove them.  According to Laurie, that conversation never happened.
That very same day that JJ lied about the box of dog biscuits and Booth ran around the building tearing down the fliers, Laurie’s Christmas decorations were stolen right off her door!  And then the perpetrator put huge scratch marks on the door.
[introduction of new character;  replacement doorman, Daniel temporarily joins the cast]
On Saturday, December 31st, resident cast members discover a new ‘stranger’ manning the door.  Eyes roll almost instantaneously as residents round the corner from the elevator bank into the lobby.  The “here we go again”  look is the same on everyone’s face through out the day as they greet yet another replacement doorman.  Knowing he too will be fired soon, no one gives him too much attention.  The tenants are still grieving the loss of Jesus and have no intention of putting themselves in the vulnerable situation by liking another temporary staffer.
Daniel’s first day on the job began at 7:00am.  He was still at the desk at 7:00 pm – in fact, he was still there at 7:00 am the next day!  The rocket scientists at Modern Staffing thought it would be a good idea to have an inexperienced doorman work a 24 hour shift alone in the lobby on New Year’s eve of all nights.  (Go JJ!)  We’re not sure who was scheduled to relieve Daniel after his 24 hour shift, but when no one arrived and he was nearing his 25th hour, he went home.
To be continued – Stay tuned for part II – JJ refuses to give Jesus his paycheck, robbery in the lobby & this weeks police activity  . . .

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Lights, Fire, Action!


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[ scene: Holiday season in NYC :  The trees lining the streets are all wrapped tiny white lights, menorahs in the windows, each & every lobby sports a colorful Christmas tree and the streets are filled with people carrying shopping bags.]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  .  .  .  Everywhere except for 350 East 52nd Street, that is.  All of the other buildings on the block and well, pretty much throughout the entire city of New York, are festively decorated for the holidays!  Enter 350 East 52nd Street lobby.  Not a menorah, a kinara, a tree, or even one tiny white light, inside or out.

[ run clip of I, Psychopath, a documentary featuring Sam Vaknin, self proclaimed narcissist who was outed as a psychopath in the documentary.

roll video clip:

“But… it takes one to truly know one. In this intriguing documentary, Sam Vaknin, a self-proclaimed psychopath, goes in search of a diagnosis. In a scientific first, he allows himself to undergo testing to find out if he was born without a conscience. He knows he’s narcissistic and cannot empathize with others. By his own admission, he’s pompous, grandiose, repulsive and contradictory, ruthless and devoid of scruples, capricious and unfathomable… but he believes, he’s not a bad person. What he is is indifferent…he couldn’t care less. Unless, of course, the topic is himself.”  see documentary. ]

Tenants gathered in lobby are discussing the 2009 article by Sam Vaknin. – Sam writes,  “Holiday blues are a common occurrence even among the mentally sound. In me they provoke a particularly virulent strain of pathological envy. I am jealous at others for having a family, or for being able to celebrate lavishly, or for being in the right, festive mood. My cognitive dissonances crumble. I keep telling myself: “Look at those inferior imitations of humans, slaves of their animated corpses, wasting their time, pretending to be happy”. Yet, deep inside, I know that I am the defective one. I realize that my inability to rejoice is a protracted and unusual punishment meted out to me by my very self. I am sad and enraged. I want to spoil it for those who can. I want them to share my misery, to reduce them to my level of emotional abstinence and absence. I hate humans because I am unable to be one.

I hate holidays and birthdays, including my birthday . . .  I am my own master. I feel that their happiness is false, fake, forced. I feel that they are hypocrites, dissimulating joy where there is none. I feel envious, humiliated by my envy, and enraged by my humiliation. I feel that they are the recipients of a gift I will never have: the ability to enjoy life and to feel joy.

And then I do my best to destroy their mood: I bring bad news, provoke a fight, make a disparaging remark, project a dire future, sow uncertainty in the relationship, and when the other person is sour and sad, I feel relieved.”

Tenants look around at the bare lobby simply chalk it up as another circumstance of Luxury Living in Midtown.   The topic switches to this weeks police activities in the building and William Koepell’s latest stunts.

[roll clip from Wednesday, December 13th – scene: two 17th precinct police, Bryan Rexroat and another Modern Staffing employee (term used tongue-in-cheek when referring to Modern Staffing . . .) and William Koepell in lobby]

It’s like a scene out of the movie Ground Hogs Day as a tenant enters the lobby while William Koeppel is telling the police that “Tom does not live here and never did!”

Oy. . . here we go again!  It’s not long before a group of tenants gathered to participate in this week’s episode.

Police question William Koeppel about Tom’s electricity which has been turned off today.  Since shutting off the electric is a blatant violation of the law in Tom’s current situation, Tom called the police.

It was reported by several sources that William Koepell had been to 350 East 52nd St. earlier in the day, went to the basement, flipped the switch to terminate electricity to apartment 2D and proceeded to lock the door to the meter room.  When the police questioned Koeppel he denied shutting off the electric. He also denied knowing anything about where the key may be.  Cops and cast suspected it was in William’s pocket.

Resident cast members witnessed Bill Koepell say all of the following regarding the incident:

Koeppel told police that the lights are supposed to be off in Tom’s apartment.

He told the officers that he didn’t turn them off and he didn’t ask anyone to turn them off.  WK said he had been in Florida for the past three days, just came back, got his car and went to Brooklyn.  He had to come to 350 East 52nd Street when he heard about the situation with Tom’s electricity being off!

Again, he made sure the officers were aware that the power was never supposed to be on in apartment #2D.

Koeppel said the illegal glass fuse box, which the police were questioning him about, was grandfathered in until renovations were done (?).  He insisted it would be a dangerous fire hazard to turn Tom’s electricity back on and that the switch must have tripped itself as a safety measure. WK would not turn the electric back on because it because he did not want to be held liable for starting a fire.  He kept repeating a story about how they started work on apartment 2D before this situation developed with the strike.  He also told the police the apartment was gutted so the officer went up to see for himself.  What he saw was Tom’s lovely apartment which is nicely furnished and well decorated.

William suggested to the police that Tom went to the basement and turned the power on and then got scared about the potential for fire and shut it off himself.   Again, the police asked William Koeppel for the keys to the lock which was placed on the door to the fuse box area.  WK insisted he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the keys he had reportedly used to lock the door earlier in the day.

As shown in so many previous episodes, William Koeppel told his favorite lie to the police.  WK insisted Tom did not live in apartment #2D and “the 20 tenants Kirk has with him are all lying”.  This was followed by his 2nd favorite lie that “Kirk works for the union and that’s why he’s doing this.”  (If you’re just tuning in and have not followed the series thus far, you should know that Koeppel blames almost everything that happens in the building on one tenant; Kirk!) Now, since Kirk was not appearing in this episode, it’s a mystery as to why Koeppel kept referring to him, but luckily, Kirk’s wife was there to speak up and tell the police that Kirk does not work for union 32BJ!!

Koeppel ignored her completely and then informed the police that apartment 2D (Tom’s)  was “his apartment and he did Modern Staffing a favor by letting them use it as office space for interviewing and meetings”.   He told police that he got discounts on his staffing arrangement for letting Modern Staffing use the apartment.  (WK simply failed to mention that what Modern Staffing actually used the apartment for was to house the super, Tom, who was hired by Modern Staffing and subsequently given the apartment to live in.

Throughout the episode, it is evident that WK is sporting a strange shirt bump.  Resident cast members spend their down time trying to guess what he could be hiding under there.  


One officer asked if he had a firearm on him, presumably due to the shirt bump. William said he did not.  Resident cast members become slightly alarmed given that he had not uttered a word of truth to the police thus far, but apparently the police had no lawful cause to search WK so they went back to the same old conversation they had been having for over an hour.

The police would ask for the key, WK denied having the key and would then come up with yet another possible scenario about how the electric may have shut itself off.  WK continued to remind the police of the ‘fire hazard’ and then said “it could have been an electrician who shut the electricity because the power is supposed to be off and they may have been working there”.   After several more variations of how the power may have been shut off and many more reminders of the risk of fire in the basement, the officers (and cast) were pretty worn down.

The police had given William Koeppel way to much time and needed to get back to their job. Before leaving they told Koeppel this:  Tomorrow we will have Con-Edison turn the electricity on in apartment #2D.  If it is turned off again, unless mandated by the court, you will be arrested. As for the fire hazard, they made it perfectly clear to WK that the safety of his building was his responsibility and in no uncertain terms would anyone but Koeppel be responsible if a fire manifested in the basement.  When the officers walked away towards their car, William Koeppel headed into the basement.  To the cast & police officers it seemed like a mirage when the electric in Tom’s apartment miraculously went on and the bright white xmas lights Tom had lined his windows with lit up the sidewalk outside 350 East 52nd Street like movie set flood lights!

The cops couldn’t believe it.  But it was even harder for them to believe that after pulling a stunt like that, WK came back out and walked right up to the police car and began to banter some more.  At this point, the entire cast had put in so much over time for this holiday special, we were just too tired for another scene. One of the cast yelled to Koeppel, “Your just running a giant ponzi scheme here!” (presumably referring to the illegal rents Koepell is charging, and currently being sued for, along with all of the security deposits he steals.  WK interrupted his rant to the police through the driver side window of the cruiser.  He looked up and with a big smile, yelled across the street to the 15 or so exhausted cast members, “Bernie Madoff is my good friend!”

The officer’s seized the opportunity and drove away.

Preview of up coming episodes!


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[Follow up on episode starring Bryan Rexroat]

Tenant submits the following letter to Bryan’s father, Jim Rexroat, owner of Modern Staffing & Security:

Dear Jim,
I am a tenant of  350 East 52nd Street in NY.  I believe you are aware of  the chaotic and disruptive conditions tenants have had to endure since Modern Staffing employees arrived, but the incident I witnessed this week was so egregious, I feel compelled to write a formal complaint.

In front of 5 police officers and several tenants from this building, your son Brian walked up to Kirk Swanson, and called him a “dick sucker.”   This vulgar remark is  inappropriate and disgusting.  It was clear that Brian’s intention was to start a fight with Kirk and because I and other tenants were standing right there, Brian put us all in a very dangerous situation.  

I  assume this is not how you intend for representatives of your company to act and ask that Brian be replaced by an employee who can appropriately manage this account.  As the business owner I hope you will agree that calling any tenant a ‘dick sucker’ is simply unacceptable in any circumstance.  
[cc: William Koeppel, Irina Shtarkman (President of Modern Staffing), Duell Management (350 Building Management Co.)]
The tenant e-mailed the letter on December 2nd.  It is now December 14th and there has not been a response from any of the recipients.   Bryan Rexroat continues to visit the building regularly.   What happens next?
Stay tuned . . . . 

Episode preview 2: run the following clips:

  • Pan over e-mail notes from William Koepell to tenants written in all capitals with incorrect punctuation
  • Scenes of WK spitting words of hate similar to “frustrated comi” to striking workers outside of E. 52nd St. 

In November, Crain’s New York Business news ran an article titled;

Midtown landlord sued for alleged illegal rent hikes

Tenants at 350 E. 52nd St. sue owner for deregulating rents while receiving J-51 tax benefits.

You can view the article here.  In the ‘comments’ section at the end of the article, someone named William leaves the following comment:
Note: We know it was not William Koeppel because he does not live in the building.

WILLIAM WROTE ON 11/14/11 AT 11:51 PM


In response to William’s comment a tenant writes:

Marge wrote on 12/12/11 at 8:27 PM

I actually do live in the building and our landlord, William Koeppel does not.  When tenants get communication from William Koeppel, often it is written in all capital letters. (see previous comment)  He loathes Kirk Swanson. Kirk may be the only thing Koeppel hates more than he hates unions.  Actual tenants in the building appreciate & respect Kirk.  Koeppel spews ugly comments very similar to “frustrated comi” at our workers each time he visits. . .

[viewers are left in suspense – who is telling the truth???]


Tune in to the East 52nd Street Reality Show for our 2 hour Holiday Season Special, Lights, Action, Fire! starring William Koeppel and the 17th precinct police – airing this Friday!

[End preview with Dec. 13th police activity shot of WK and mysterious bulge]

Guns, Drugs & Lies


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This episode is intended for mature audiences only.  
Parental discretion is advised.



[Previously on Luxury Living in Midtown. . .   3 clips of last weeks episode
run for 30 seconds]

  • 3 police incidents in lobby on Nov. 30th
  • Landlord William Koepell tells police the live in super is really a part-time janitor & begs police to evict the superintendent
  • Brian Rexroat calls his client’s tenant a “dick sucker”

<re-run of last weeks episode>


Tom the Building Manager sips a glass of Merlot on couch in his residence.
Tenants completely fed up with chaos in building organize a tenants meeting
12th floor residents agree to share a ‘hall cat’ to combat rodent problem

Dec 9th, 2011
No UPS pick up today.  Raymond, one of 2 remaining building porters was asked to go to the west side UPS depot. He was told he would be given money to cart the UPS deliveries back to 350 east 52nd street in a cab.  No one came to give him money so he did not go.
Rumor has it that our night doorman, Jacob has a previously planned evening off tonight.  JJ, the new super / building manager is “unable to fill in” but has arranged for a complete stranger with no doorman experience to work the night shift.  This stranger will have access to tenants keys & everything else in the building.  He can have no way of knowing who lives here & who does not so anyone stumbling out of one of the bars on 2nd Ave. could no doubt walk right in.
The fill-in for the replacement doorman was due to arrive at 10:45, allowing just 15 minutes for ‘training.’  He showed up at 11:14 and introduced himself as Ranfi. Ranfi looked to be about 17 years old.  We all know it’s not polite to ask strangers their age,  so the tenant in the lobby asked Ranfi if he worked for Modern Staffing instead.  Ranfi answered,  “No, I’m just here as a replacement.”  (???)  Who is Ranfi?
[ scene pans to video clip of  kid walking along center divider on Houston Street holding a cardboard sign with the words “NEED WORK” written in black sharpie]
– commercial break –
[scene – tenants gathered together for association meeting to discuss state of affairs in building]
After being briefed on the status of the usual disturbances at 350 such as the rodent problem, garbage mounds, confiscated rent deposits, cell towers, strikers and and UPS debacle, tenant Kirk S. gives neighbors an update on the latest news from the lawyers.  The class action suit is moving along well and all tenants are looking forward to resolution.
Tenants volunteered to take on specific tasks of tracking and recording the events at 350 East 52nd St. in an effort to make sure William Koepell receives justice when these cases go to court.
What happened next was beyond distressing.  Tenants were reminded of the situation with Modern Staffing’s efforts last week  to evict Tom the building manager.  Tenants were then warned that the following recorded phone conversation between Tom and Jim Rexroat (owner of Modern Staffing) would be extremely disturbing. A short piece of a long recording was then played for the tenants.


The short version of the recording as we understand it, is that Jim Rexroat threatened to call the NYPD and tell them Tom was intoxicated, slurring his speech, on anti depressants and baricaded in his apartment with a pistol, threatening to hurt the staff from Modern Staffing and himself. Tom would be removed from the apartment in a straight jacket.
(An actual transcription will be provided to our subscribers so be sure to subscribe to this reality show today!)
[ scene to be continued. Episode cuts away from scene and jumps to daily events of Friday eve, Dec. 9th]
December 9th, 2011
Two cleaning ladies arrive at 350 to clean an apartment on the 14th Floor but were given the keys to an apartment on the 4th floor instead.  Mysteriously, after asking for keys to the 14th floor apt., the 2 women go to the 4th floor apartment and begin cleaning.  After they were there a while they realized they were in the wrong apartment as they had been to the apartment on the 14th floor in the past.   The wrong apartment on the fourth floor belongs to a tenant with a dog.  Is is possible that they didn’t recognize  not only the apartment was completely different but there was a strange dog in it???   (Stay tuned for next weeks episode to find out!)  When the dogs’ owner came home he found his precious pup hiding under the desk & smelling of perfume.  Many things had been moved around & even cleaned! Remarkably, the sponge from his kitchen was used to clean the bathroom  😦  and (thankfully) left on the side of the tub.  He called downstairs to the lobby & told them there was a break in.  When he was told about “the mistake”  he checked his apartment & didn’t think anything was taken.
11/9/2011  A UPS box was marked in big red letters Apt XC.  The renter of the apartment opened it before realizing it was not theirs.
Recently a the same thing happened to long time tenant of the building.  When the tenant returned the mis-marked opened box  to the lobby, the label was missing as well as some of the items in it.  It took some time before it was found out to whom the package belonged.
The tenant is being charged $250.00  for the shipment because it was signed for & the vendor won’t refund her because of the missing items. She had to go to the NYPD today (11/9) to file a report in order to rectify the situation with the vendor.
New mouse sitings. 1st rodent sighting in one particular apartment on the 6th floor.
and we heard from the 4th floor as well:

“My cat  has caught two mice in the last two days and I expect one more dead one when I come home tonight. I can always tell when there are mice around when I see her stalking the kitchen.”
2 tenants on the 12th floor have yet to discover mice in their homes but do know their neighbor had reported “hundreds”,  decide to share a cat.  They discuss the possibility of keeping it in the hallway for the benefit of the entire floor.

Names withheld to protect the innocent.

Dec 10th, 2011
Tenant wakes on this Saturday morning and there is no coffee in the apartment. Tenant checks e-mail sans caffeine and reads notification from  that a UPS coffee shipment is being held hostage. This tenant pays an annual fee of $79 for the service of 2 day UPS shipping with  Coffee was due to arrive 11/9 but UPS was not picked up.
[credits roll as tenant walks through lobby & heads outside in search of caffiene]

Truth & Justice


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Truth & Justice the American Koeppel Way!

In case you haven’t been following this blog, here’s condensed recap of the situation at 350 East 52nd Street, a “luxury” building owned by New York’s cruelest landlord.  (Many more details are available throughout this website).  This is not your standard episode due to its length – please think of it as a mini series. 🙂

Bill Koeppel stopped paying for medical benefits to employees of the building causing immense hardship on the families of our staff and prompting the workers to strike.
Since then, tenants have struggled with the following issues:

  • Security problems,  rotating crew of new doormen (not knowing who lives here & who doesn’t –  One resident reported that a man was given a key to an apartment without her permission. see post)
  • Koppell has allowed the garbage inside & outside of the building to pile up to the point of attracting rats, mice & maggots – (yes, maggots. see post here & here).
  • There has been one confirmed & 2 additional complaints of bedbugs in building which Koepell has failed to disclose to unsuspecting new tenants which is required by law.
  • Bill Koepell has spent many hours trying to publicly humiliate the striking workers (see examples here).
  • In August,  tenants held a press conference with several elected officials, including State Senator Liz Krueger and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio & Assemblyman Dan Quart, calling for an end to the deteriorating conditions.   With the assistance of these public officials and the law firm of Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben, Donoghue & Joseph, tenant Kirk Swanson uncovered that William Koeppel has been breaking the law by illegally destabilizing apartments while receiving tax abatements. A class action suit has been filed by tenants of the building.
  • The influx of new employees included a new building super who was introduced by Koeppel in a letter dated July 25th which was distributed to tenants as well as taped to a column wall in the lobby and in the elevator hallway.  The new super’s name is Tom and he resides in apartment #2D at 350 East 52nd Street.

Excluding many details of William Koeppel’s horrifying behavior and criminal history which you can find throughout this site, you are now up to speed on the situation in the building.

November 30, 2011

As per countless other employees sent in by Modern Staffing,  the firm William Koeppel hired to manage replacement staff, Tom was let go sometime last week. Tom lives in the building and therefore, to any reasonable person and presumably by law, would have to be given notice which would include a specific date to vacate his residence.  He was not given that courtesy. Instead, yesterday, the gorilla boss from Modern Staffing showed up at Tom’s door with a locksmith.  His name is Brian Rexroat.  Brian told Tom he must leave his residence now and that the locks would be changed.  Tom called the police.

Tom told the police that he lived in the apartment and there were some legal issues between he, Modern Staffing & Bill Koppell and that he would stay in his apartment until the issues were resolved unless the courts mandated otherwise.

Brian told the police that Tom was never authorized to live in the apartment and wanted him arrested for trespassing.

These particular officers were not fully acquainted with eviction law and asked Tom to leave or risk arrest for trespassing, but Tom could keep his keys and the locks would not be changed.

Tom put on his coat & hat, picked up his duffel bag, calmly left the building and stood outside on the sidewalk with the striking workers and several tenants while Brian continued to lie to the police.

Because tenant Kirk S is the point man for the class action suit and speaks to the lawyers regularly and has direct access to many of the  NY politicians, Tom called Kirk.  Kirk advised Tom to go straight to the police station and speak with a superior officer and ask the officer to reference the field guide on eviction cases.  Tom left for the 17th precinct in hopes of finding a superior officer who would assist him.  Tom spoke to Lt. Serino who informed him that he could lawfully return & remain in his apartment unless the courts said otherwise.  Tom returned 350 East 52nd Street. He was stopped by the doorman who had orders from Brian and WK to bar his entrance. Tom called the 17th precinct again.   Two officers arrived and  escorted Tom to his apartment.

(scene: lights dim. daylight fades)

Later in the evening as Tom was leaving the building to go out on an errand he ran into William Koeppel in the lobby.  WK said I’m going to call the police and tell them you’re dangerous, violent and trespassing.

It was reported by a tenant passing through the lobby at that time that WK was yelling at the temporary porter who was covering the front desk for the replacement doorman, to call the police and the locksmith.  When WK did not get immediate satisfaction after waiting several seconds for the police to show (as if this is a NYPD priority – especially on a night when the President is in town), he went to the corner of 52nd and First & pulled 5 Brooklyn Detectives who were assigned to the corner as part of the Obama security.

5 police men showed at Tom’s door and asked him to come to the lobby. They listened to the story from both sides and told the men they would have to wait for the 17th precinct police to handle the situation.  In the mean time, they would stay just to make sure no violence erupted.

6 building tenants waited outside the building with the 5 Brooklyn detectives for the 17th precinct police to arrive.   One of the tenants was Kirk S, whom William Koepell has a vehement hatred for ever since Kirk organized the first tenants association meeting at 350 East 52nd Street.  William Koeppel and Brian Rexroat were inside the lobby.

Get ready for what happened next . . .  You can’t make this stuff up!!

First you need to know that Kirk could easily pass for a professional weight lifter – solid muscle, with maybe 7% body fat, or less . . .   here he is:

* Would you mess with this guy?  Just look at his neck . . .

and here is purple faced, pudgy Brian, son of the owner of Modern Staffing:  

Now, I’m not the betting type, but given the stats . . . who would you have to assume would win in a fight?    . . .   Me too.

As we stood outside of the lobby door, out came William Koeppel and pudgy, purple faced  Brian Rexroat.  Right in front of the 5 Brooklyn detectives & the tenants, Brian walked right up to Kirk and put his big purple face right in Kirk’s face  –  and I mean maybe an inch apart –  and said the following:

“You look like a dick sucker”

and then he walked away.  He must have been thinking one of two things:

1.  I’ll piss Kirk off so that he punches me in the face right in front of 5 cops, or

2. Even though I’m a pudgy, purple faced, cowardly weakling who wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell to survive a swing from Kirk, I can do this because there are 5 cops here to protect me.

(Opinion) – It was so bizarre that we can suspect only someone as crazed as William Koeppel put him up to it.  WK wouldn’t care if Brian ended up in a body cast – provided of course it was done in the name of a dollar.

The detectives quickly went over to Kirk and told him to “let it go” presumably because they suspected Kirk would hurt Brian as most men would have done in that situation.  Somehow Kirk was able to maintain composure and did let it go.

As the wait continued, Kirk questioned WK about the bedbug situation (3 units in the building recently) and asked for proof that the apartments had been treated. Tenants were told that 1 apartment was treated & the other two were not professionally treated.  Koeppel responded “I don’t owe anybody proof” that the situation had been adequately addressed.  He then said “don’t let the bedbugs bite.” WK then apprised Kirk that he would be adding 12 more cell towers to the 28 existing towers on our building. Koeppel then laughed and turned away.

Two  17th precinct  police eventually arrived & took Tom back to his apartment.  They told him he was within his rights to stay.  They also asked for proof of residence & Tom showed proof.  The officers asked Tom’s next door neighbor for confirmation of Tom living in the apartment next door.  She confirmed

At this point many of the tenants passing through the lobby were questioning the third incidence of police activity in the lobby in one day.  It was clearly another chaotic debacle created by Bill Koeppel in our residence and the tenants are quite disturbed – again.

–  Intermission  –

Opening Scene:

  • William Koeppel, pudgy Brian in lobby speaking with 2 police officers.
  • Doorman trying to look invisible behind lobby desk in an attempt to ignore the banter of his boss, Brian & Brian’s boss, WK, as they feed the officers incredulous lies.
  • 3 tenants stand by lobby desk and observe.
  • Various tenants passing through lobby stop & ask what the commotion is about this time.

William Koeppel was intensely aggrivated. He told the police officers that they must remove Tom from his apartment because he has been terminated from Modern Staffing and no longer works in the building.  “Dick sucker” Brian confirms.  Police tell the men they have proof otherwise, Tom is staying and it must be addressed in court.

Koeppel’s face was now beet red.  It is only on rare occasions he is seen without sunglasses on (even at night)  & this was one of those occasions.  His eyes were like beady little slits and his mind was spinning so fast it was palpable.  In his confused state, William Koeppel yelled, “Tom doesn’t work here!! He never worked here, he only worked part time and he was never the super! He was the janitor!”

This massive lie prompted a tenant to walk over to the the column in the lobby, remove the memo that has been taped to the wall since July 25th, and hand it to the policeman.  Koeppel loudly declared to the tenant that she was “not involved in this conversation” and waved his arms as though to shoo her away. The cop read the memo. Here it is – please see highlighted portion.

The memo signed by William Koeppel clearly states that Tom is not only the “new super”, but he is the building manager as well.  In fact, according to Modern Staffing and Bill Koeppel, Steve (our super of many years) was to report to Tom!

More interesting tidbits about the memo:

William Koepell refers to “ongoing negotiations” with the union, including a meeting set for August.  The reality is he blew off every meeting and refused to negotiate in good faith.

Re: “the services and security of the building have not been diminished”,

  • we no longer get our UPS delivered regularly,
  • the garbage is hidden in various places throughout the property for up to a week, harbors vermin & is a potential fire hazard;
  • we have mice, rats, maggotts & bedbugs;
  • unauthorized non residents have been allowed into the building
  • our landlord spews profanities at people from the lobby on a regular basis,
  • and we no longer have an awning on the front of our building.


  • those “few vociferous, militant tenants” are almost the entire building and
  • “the porters and doormen have been replaced with competent and professional nonunion workers-many of whom are former U.S. military” . . . well, that’s an entire episode in itself – coming soon!  We can tell you that 1 replacement worker is in the reserves and that is the extent of “former U.S. military” of which Koeppel refers.
  • At this point we’ve lost count of the number of workers who have come & gone since June but those who have left have had no qualms about telling us that the only information their employer, Modern Staffing require of their employees is their name.  No resume, no address, no social security number or tax forms and no background check what so ever.  These are the men who have keys to our apartments.  William Koeppel states in the above memo that security has not been diminished so it must be true.

Ok, back to the script . . .

As the officer was reading the memo, William Koeppel insisted that apartment #2D was his office – and Brian’s office too.  Yes! They held meetings and interviews in there during the week – it was not Tom’s apartment – Tom did not live in the building – this was their office!  One tenant interjected, “Tom was absolutely the super of this building and he absolutely lives in apartment 2D.”  The other tenants confirmed.

Brian and William Koeppel were both unaware of the fact that Tom had changed the lock on his door sometime in August and the only person with keys to Tom’s apartment was Tom.  We have to wonder how Brian and Koeppel managed to have meetings and interviews in Tom’s residence without Tom’s consent and no access to apartmemt #2D.

Once the officers read the memo, they couldn’t leave fast enough.  Tom was to stay and they made that clear to Brian and Koeppel.  For some reason Brian thought he should chime in and began nonsensical talk that we have yet been able to interpret.  It was something along the lines of him living in apartment #2D,  then accusing the tenant who provided the memo to the officers of living in apartment #2D.  If you had to re-read that last sentence, don’t worry, it makes no sense – it was crazy!

Luckily for tenants of 350 East 52nd Street, word has it that William Koeppel was on a plane back to his Palm Beach Estate today. We anticipate a well deserved break for at least a couple of days –  This reality show  is way more exhausting than it may appear to our viewers.


Please stay tuned as the plot thickens.  We have a very special episode full of twists and surprises for you coming soon!

taking a poll


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Rate William Koeppel!

Here is an opportunity to help prevent others from having to know the horrors of an unfit landlord.

Rate Whitehouse Estates by clicking on this link.

and this link,  and this link , and this link,

This as a public service that will benefit your fellow New Yorkers!


( It seems we are not the only ones who feel the need to warn the public – Here is a new website dedicated to William Koeppel. )

Turtle Bay High-Rise Tenants Sue Landlord for Rent Overcharges


, , ,

November 11, 2011 1:41pm | By Mary Johnson, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

TURTLE BAY — Several tenants of a Turtle Bay high-rise have banded together to sue their landlord for allegedly overcharging on rents, marking yet another battle for a building plagued by controversy.

Nine residents of 350 E. 52nd St., a 130-unit tower near First Avenue, filed a class-action lawsuit against landlord William Koeppel last month, claiming he has been charging illegally high rents for apartments that should be rent-stabilized.

In the new lawsuit, the tenants at 350 E. 52nd Street claim that Koeppel received J-51 tax benefits for two decades but still charged higher rents on some apartments as they became vacant.

Under the J-51 program, if a landlord performs qualifying work on a building — which could include maintenance work, like roof repairs or waterproofing — the building can apply for a real estate tax abatement, said William Gribben, an attorney representing the tenants in the case.

Residents at 350 E. 52nd Street filed a lawsuit filed on Oct. 17, 2011, alleging overcharges on their rent. (DNAinfo/Mary Johnson)

If the building receives those tax benefits, the landlord must treat all the apartments in that building as rent-stabilized, Gribben added.

“Defendants have wrongfully treated and continue to wrongfully treat plaintiffs and the putative class members as market rent tenants, denying them a variety of benefits to which they are legally entitled, as well as charging them amounts in excess of the legal rents for their units,” read the lawsuit, filed Oct. 17 in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The case comes on the heels of the recent ruling in Roberts v. Tishman Speyer, which involved the apartments in the 80-acre Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village complex. The judge in that case ruled that buildings participating in the J-51 tax abatement program have to maintain rent-stabilized apartments, despite many residents there being charged market rates.

The new suit is just the latest in a series of disputes at the building.

Koeppel, who reportedly pled guilty in 1996 to pressuring tenants and brokers to contribute to the Giuliani campaign, refused last year to sign a new contract with 32BJ, the city’s doormen’s union.

Since then, tenants said security problems have increased and that the rotating crew of new doormen are not as vigilant as their union counterparts. One resident even reported that a guest was given a key to an apartment without that resident’s permission, tenants and advocates said.

In addition to the security problems, residents have publicly complained about problems with rats, mice and maggots in and around the building.

There is even a snarky blog, titled the 350 E. 52nd Street Reality Show, set up to chronicle the building’s dramatic tale as it unfolds.

In August, the tenants held a press conference with several elected officials, including State Senator Liz Krueger and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, calling for an end to the deteriorating conditions.

But Kirk Swanson, one of the tenants involved in the suit, said the recent legal action is unrelated to the ongoing complaints.

“This is a complete, straightforward legal issue,” Swanson said, noting that the suit would not have any impact on the doormen’s strike or the quality-of-life issues.

“We filed a class-action lawsuit, and we are going to get rent refunds,” he added. “We are going to get stabilized leases, and we are going to get reduced rent through the legal process.”

Koeppel, however, called the suit “frivolous.”

“It is much to do about nothing,” the landlord said. “What they’re asking for in the lawsuit is that the building be re-registered as rent-stabilized. It’s been done.”

Koeppel said that, upon the advice of his attorney, he hired a consultant to come in and help him bring the building’s apartments into compliance with the law.

“Anybody who’s properly entitled to money back from an overcharge will be getting it,” Koeppel added.

But the tenants’ attorney, William Gribben, said that the landlord has still not fulfilled his legal requirements.

Gribben said he has also advised tenants not to sign any new leases that Koeppel distributes in the building because they may not be legal.

That means residents like Swanson will continue paying their current rents until the case is resolved.

“[Koeppel is] trying to retroactively register these apartments after breaking the law for all these years,” Swanson said. “This is why we have to take him to court.”


Read more:

Midtown tenants sue Koeppel for illegal rent deregulation


November 10, 2011 09:00AM

William Koeppel and 350 East 52nd Street (building credit: PropertyShark)The latest lawsuit to emerge from the dust of the controversial J-51 tax rulings at Stuyvesant Town was filed by tenants of 350 East 52nd Street against landlord William Koeppel, Crain’s reported. 

Tenants of the 132-unit building allege Koeppel “wrongly treated … plaintiffs and the putative class members as market-rent tenants” even after accepting J-51 tax benefits for building upgrades. The tenants are being represented by William Gribben, a partner at Himmelstein McConnell Gribben Donoghue & Joseph. The firm has about nine other J-51 cases. 

Koeppel called the lawsuit “frivolous,” saying it is led by a tenant who is a member of SEIU 32 BJ, a union with which Koeppel recently opted out of a contract. Koeppel also said he sent notices informing tenants that they were owed back rents, but Gribben said that was just a reaction to the lawsuit. 

Koeppel is famous for pleading guilty to soliciting donations for then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani in return for rent-controlled apartments in 1996, Crain’s noted.  source

and, also in the news today  . . .


New York, NY – November 10, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Tenants at Whitehouse Estates at 350 East 52nd Street in Manhattan will be joined by striking apartment building workers, elected officials and supporters today to announce the filing of a lawsuit that claims building owner William Koeppel has been illegally overcharging on rentsfor years.

According to the lawsuit, tenants at the 85-unit complex discovered that the building was covered by the J-51 law, which means the owner received certain tax advantages in return for pledging to rent stabilize a portion of the building. The tenants were never informed of this and were charged at market rate, the suit states. Tenants have also been protesting the deteriorating conditions at the complex by the landlord that include harassment and neglected maintenance. Koeppel has a history of mistreating tenants, including rent gouging. In the 1990s, he pled guilty to soliciting campaign contributions for Rudy Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns in exchange for rent-regulated leases.

WHAT:          Tenants Announce Lawsuit Against Landlord

WHO:            Whitehouse Estates Tenants

Whitehouse Estates Building Workers, who have been on strike since June 6

State Senator Liz Krueger

Council Member Jessica Lappin (represents the district)

Kyle Bragg, 32BJ Vice President

WHEN:         Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 4:30 pm

WHERE:      Whitehouse Estates, 350 East 52nd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues
With more than 120,000 members, including 70,000 in New York, 32BJ is the largest buildings services union in the country and the largest private-sector union in the state.


Kwame Abasi Patterson
Communications Department
Work (212)388-3676
Cell (312)371-2485 



Matter of Koeppel


, , , ,

Matter of Koeppel, Summary Judgment Standards and Review of Attorney-Client Agreements

Read the entire opinion here.

Despite having a net worth of around $6 million, receiving dividends from Whitehouse Estates of $442,680 in August 2006 and borrowing at least $2,174,503 against his assets from May 2006 through August 2008 (and purchasing a Rolls Royce, albeit pre-owned, in the middle of September 2006), William never sought to disavow the Retainer on the ground of duress.

William’s affirmative defense that the 2006 Retainer is invalid as the product of duress is therefore dismissed.

In his affidavit in opposition, William alleges that the Firms’ hourly charges “have been and are being disputed” and that this “has been conveyed to Mr. Avedisian a number of times.” However, just when and what particular charges he was or is disputing, even at this late date, remain unspecified. Instead, William makes two general points regarding the invoices. First, without referring to any particular invoice, he sweepingly claims that Avedisian “overdoes [*14]things.” Second, he claims that there “were innumerable incidences where Mr. Avedisian would bill [him] for normal office, paralegal, and administrative time that Mr. Avedisian, because he had no secretary or paralegal, would do.” But he fails to specify even one of such “innumerable incidences”; nor does he specify when or how such an objection was made.[FN12] Such belated, conclusory and unsupported claims are insufficient to raise a question of fact on the issue of the accounts stated by the invoices sent to William by the Firms (Warshaw, Burstein, Cohen, Schlesinger & Kuh v Kessner, 214 AD2d 472 [1st Dept 1995]; Rosenman Colin Freund Lewis & Cohen v Neuman, 93 AD2d 745 [1st Dept 1983]). The Firms are therefore granted summary judgment on their claims of accounts stated for hourly litigation work.


William’s last remaining defense against the petition is that the Firms have breached their ethical and fiduciary duties to William by revealing in their papers on this motion his confidences as a client, to his embarrassment and injury. These allegations are also part of the fabric of his counterclaim to the effect that Avedisian drafted the settlement documents to benefit the attorneys to whom he was answerable; that Avedisian failed to advise him that he would owe $7 million in fees upon entering into the settlement; and that Avedisian failed to wind up the closing contemplated by the settlement. But such defense and counterclaim receive little attention in William’s motion papers. Nor does the record otherwise support either, on the facts or the law.

Simply put, William has failed to preserve his claims for trial by laying bare his proofs to show that the Firms disclosed client confidences that would not have been obtainable from outside sources. In any event, the Rules of Professional Conduct permit a lawyer to “reveal or use confidential information to the extent that the lawyer reasonably believes necessary . . . to defend the lawyer . . . against an accusation or wrongful conduct; or . . . to establish or collect a fee” (22 NYCRR Part 1200, Rule 1.6[b][5] [formerly DR 4-101(C)(4)]). In raising an economic duress claim, William placed his ability to pay for new counsel at issue, and the Firms were thus justified in demonstrating that William at all relevant times had significant net worth and that his liquidity problems were self-inflicted injuries incident to his high-wheeling lifestyle. There is thus no proscribed revelation of client confidences on which to rest William’s claimed defense to the contract.

Beyond merely conclusory statements, William has also failed to substantiate his claim [*15]that Avedisian drafted settlement documents to benefit the Firms and their members rather than him as client. In other words, William’s general sense of betrayal cannot serve as the basis for his breach of fiduciary duty claims.

Footnote 10:William’s bill of particulars describes the frequency of his protests as follows: “On or about once a week during the summer of 2007 and 2008, once a month almost every month from September through May for the years 2005 through 2008.” Avedisian points out that William thus claims to have disputed invoices for months in which no invoices were in fact sent to him for litigation work. On the other hand, Avedisian concedes that there was one occasion on which William did protest an invoice, which billed for work performed at a meeting among counsel in July 2006. Although that meeting had been called to discuss settlement, it appears to have focused instead on litigation issues, and Avedisian billed William accordingly as litigation time. Nevertheless, when William objected, Avedisian voided the charges and did not bill William for the time in question.

Footnote 11:William’s claim that the burden is on the Firms to show which invoices he was making partial payment on is supported by no authority or reasoning, and the court rejects it.

Please act today!




make every effort to vote today for Dan Quart in today’s special election for  our vacant State Assembly Seat.  Dan has been very helpful through our struggles with William Koeppel, even though he’s been in the middle of a contested campaign.  He’ll be even more helpful serving in the Assembly as a member of the majority (along with Liz Krueger in the State Senate).  He’s also a great guy.

The polling site is at the Sutton Place Synagogue, 225 E. 51st St.  Our Assembly District (AD) is 73, and our Election District (ED) is 15 (you don’t have to remember this, someone will be there to tell you which booth to vote in).  The polls will be open until 9:00pm.

Vacation Time


, , , , ,

It’s been a nice break for tenants and the striking staff of 350 East 52nd Street.  Although they would have prefered that negligent landlord William Koeppel take care of the mess he created in their building prior to vacationing on his yacht, it is a needed reprieve from the drama he consistently invokes on his daily visits.

The tenants and staff only hope he has arranged to receive his mail while on vacation.

Featured Guest Star


, , ,

Meet Good-Guy, Dan Quart:

In this episode we feature guest star Dan Quart.  If you don’t recognize the name Dan Quart, don’t worry – you will soon!  Dan is running for NY State Assembly and we’re pretty sure he’ll have no problem winning that seat on September 13th.  Not only because he’s strongly supported by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, NYC Councilmember Jennifer Lappin, and State Senator Jose Serrano (many of whom you’ve seen on previous episodes of the 350 East 52nd Street Reality Show), but because he’s a good and decent human being with a clear view on how to improve NYC.

Dan’s focus is on the issues that will make the Big Apple a better place for all such as improving the education by obtaining the funding to alleviate overcrowding & attract the best educators, creating jobs for NY-ers, improving & properly maintaining the transportation system, improving our air quality through innovative programs incentizing landlords to use clean fuel boilers and of course, he will help alleviate detrimental housing issues – especially those affecting seniors.

Dan’s been working behind the scenes with the 350 East 52nd Street tenants to help clean up the set!  Although we’ll be sorry to see him go when he is elected State Assemblyman, the cast would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best.  We understand his talents are best utilized for the greater good.

This isn’t an ad for Dan Quart, (you’ll find that below!) but a reminder to get out & vote in the September 13th election.

Schumer, Gillibrand Endorse Dan Quart In AD 73

It would’ve been way more shocking if they hadn’t, but Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are throwing their support to 73rd AD special election hopeful and fellow Democrat Dan Quart, The Daily Politics has learned.

Gillibrand said Quart, who wants the seat Jonathan Bing gave up to work for Gov. Cuomo, “has dedicated himself to serving his community and focusing on the community issues that matter most.

“As East Siders and New Yorkers get to know Dan, they will realize how well his history of service has prepared him for the State’s capitol.”

“As a former Assemblymember, I understand that idealism and experience are required to be a good legislator in Albany,” Schumer said.

“Dan Quart has both and our state and his district will be better off with him as a representative and leader.”

Quart, a contract and labor lawyer, has lived on the East Side of Manhattan since 1989. He co-chaired Community Board 8’s Transportation Committee and chaired the 2nd Avenue Subway Task Force.

“I am honored and humbled to be endorsed by such strong, committed public servants,” he said.

“On the East Side, we have a strong tradition of public servants who are hard-working, compassionate, ethical and committed to their community. I plan to continue that tradition, and I am proud to be supported by others who share those values.”

Go Dan!  The 350 East 52nd Street Tenants Association wishes you all the best!

And now for the ad as promised earlier: 🙂

Please Vote!

Click here for information.

Appropriate Behavior?


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Once again I find myself trapped in my apartment.   As I stepped off the elevator to run an errand I could hear William Koeppel in the lobby tormenting one of the staff members.  I quickly turned around and jumped back into the elevator before the door had a chance to close.  William Koepell comes to the building almost daily for no other reason than to spew insults at the striking workers.

I know this may seem incomprehensible to most, but I can assure you that  ‘The East 52nd Street Reality Show’  is not in any way scripted or embellished for the audience.  William Koeppel is so very proud of the fact that periodically he is having the garbage picked up by some guy with a Uhaul truck.

What I heard when I stepped off the elevator was William Koeppel yelling loudly to one of the striking men (whom he has a particular hatred for),  “Look, Pierre! No garbage!!  See, Pierre, the garbage is all gone!  No more garbage, Pierre!”  (wtf?)

Now, I could be wrong, but wouldn’t it be considered a normal, routine occurrence to have the trash picked up regularly?  Surely it is one of the services most missed by tenants here.  Koeppel’s most likely still yelling to the men outside as I sit here trapped in my apartment.

Bill Koeppel is at it again!


, , , , ,

Pols say: Rudy Guiliani pal is harassing tenants – again!

Saturday, August 6th 2011, 4:00 AM
   Already convicted of fleecing his tenants to support his poltical pals in 1996, polticians say property owner Bill Koeppel is at it again.

A Manhattan real estate scion convicted of badgering tenants to give campaign contributions to Rudy Giuliani is once again mistreating his renters, elected officials charge.

William Koeppel is locked in a fight with striking workers at his E. 52nd St. building and reportedly has brought in replacements who have stopped cleaning and started threatening tenants, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio charged.

“This landlord once fleeced tenants to support his political pals,” said de Blasio, flanked by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and State Sen. Liz Krueger. “Now he’s squeezing every nickel out of workers and residents for his own profit. He does not have his tenants’ interests in mind.”

Koeppel pleaded guilty in 1996 to exchanging contributions to Giuliani for access to rent-controlled apartments. He is not suspected of doing the same this time – and he defended his building’s practices.

“The service level in this building has increased in recent months,” said Koeppel, who opted out of a deal with SEIU 32 BJ, the doormen, porters and maintenance workers union.

“These charges are not substantiated, but they are very easy to make,” said Koeppel, who dismissed the claims as the work of a few “troublesome” tenants.

Residents say the roof is littered with 24 cell towers and that the building has become full of trash and vermin. “This doesn’t feel like a safe home anymore,” said tenant Kirk Swanson, who lives in the building with his wife and two children. “William Koeppel revels in greed.”
(See more current Koeppel in the media here)

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Luxury Living in NYC


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Welcome to the 350 East 52nd Street Reality Show!

About 2months ago I heard a commotion outside so I went down to investigate. When I got to the front door, this is what I saw:

A giant rat.

And lots of people walking around with signs and yelling something about a fair contract.  Apparently the owner of the building is unwilling to sign the contract with the union and it’s more than year over due.  The employees health insurance has been eliminated & they want the owner sign the contract with the union so that they can be insured again.   The rat is a warning that a strike is eminent.

Now the strike is on . . . and now the building has real rats.   It also has a sociopath, security guards, a revolving staff of temporary workers, roaches, foul smells,  mounds and mounds of garbage both inside & outside – and maggots.  yes, maggots.

The  “luxury building”  has become drama central and it feels like we’re all living in a reality show.  I leave you with a preview of the upcoming series:

Episode 1: The Woman Who Arrived Home To Find Her Ex in Her Bed!

Episode 2: Castellano Family Garbage Pickup

Episode 3: Landlord employs Unique Method to Eliminate Tenants –
Cell Tower Radiation!

Episode 4: A $950 Annual Rent Increase – Is This a Joke?

Episode 5: Rats, Roaches & Maggots

Episode 6: Who Are These People???

Episode 7: Should Sociopaths be allowed to Own Uzi’s?

Episode 8: Government Intervention on East 52nd Street