D Films Starring William Koeppel

“Hey, get these guys a good spot at the shelter, you got the in there, Pierre.  Don’t be crying like a bitch next time we have a rally. . . .  I have your papers here, unemployment DEnied!  Boop!” ( with a thumbs down gesture)
Yes – this is our millionaire landlord talking to the workers he stripped of health benefits – which prompted them to strike.  How pathetic.

“Will see you in court!  Don’t forget the rent!”  This millionaire landlord must spend half his life in court – he’s sued his mother, got sued for rent gouging, and among the many more – HE SUED THE BAR ASSOCIATION after FAILING THE TEST 3 TIMES saying it was unfair!   Hilarious!!

Millionaire landlord tormenting staff he stripped of medical benefits prompting them to strike.   “Gotta squeeze every dime – you know that!”


We understand that you’ve probably had enough by now, but we offer you more for your viewing dis-pleasure so that you can better understand the harrassment we encounter almost every day living in our ‘luxury building’.

Additional Outtakes:


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