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Back by popular demand, we are disgusted to present season two of
The East 52nd Street Reality Show ~ Luxury Living in Midtown.

[Scene: East 52nd Street is quiet and calm early on Saturday morning.  Resident Cast Members (RCM’s) assemble on the sidewalk just outside the lobby gazing up at the side of the building. Snippets of conversation echo above background chatter]

RCM-1 “Remember when we moved in and the building had an awning?”

RCM-2 “What the hell?”

RCM-3 “OMG!!. . .  where do you live? Oh, I live in the Domino’s Building. I can’t believe this is happening”

RCM-1 “Believe it.  Do you think they paid him? They probably paid him. I’m surprised there’s not a billboard on the roof. Oh, I forgot there’s no room on the roof. It jam packed with cell towers.  Income from the cell towers isn’t enough?  Nothing’s enough.”

[Camera zooms in to close up of the awning that once was. . . .]


RCM -3 “Does it light up at night? Did someone say Domino’s paid Bill Koeppel to hang that sign there?”

RCM – 5 “Which do you think is worse, the sign or the hideous exhaust fan that saturates the lobby and the sidewalk with the smell of pizza?”

2015-04-06 15.04.52

RCM -2 “I really think the worst is the blue plastic, urine soaked, pizza dough delivery trays that get peed on by every passing dog . . . . pee and pizza – what a combination – especially on a hot summer’s day! ”

dominos building (1)

RCM’s head up first avenue to the Madison Diner to catch up on the last years worth of Koeppel lawsuits, the class action suit, building vermin, and all the  most current and egregious happenings in The Domino’s Building.

Stay tuned for regularly scheduled up-coming episodes of the East 52nd Street Reality Show!