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William Koeppel  sued AGAIN!!  $88,817.69

Bill Koepell doesn’t like bills.  So rather than pay them he waits to be sued. Recently sued again, Koeppel alleged that the legal fees charged back in 2009 are unreasonable, duplicitive and that plaintiff has over billed him!

[Resident Cast Members (RCM’s) can’t help but to double over in hysterics as they discuss their illegal and outrageously high rents & compared them to the stabilized rates the apartments warrant under NY law]

There is a long list of people William Koeppel has failed to pay but today’s episode focuses on William’s latest lawsuit.

[Rehearsal: RCM’s review notes from way back in time –  a time when 350 East 52nd Street was a respectable residence.  A time when William Koeppel was suing his own mother for control of her building; the time when he insinuated that his  mother killed her husband and Bill Koeppel tried to convince the courts to exhume his own father’s body; the time William Koeppel told the press he was raised in a dog cage]

Back when William Koeppel was fighting his family to get every penny he thought was possible from his deceased father’s estate, he hired an attorney with whom he signed a letter of engagement, agreeing upon fees charged by the attorney.  The letter was crystal clear – you can read it here: Exhibit A-Retainer Letter

Naturally, the law firm  had to sue William to collect the fee William had agreed upon. You can read the summons and complaint about that here: DLA v BK Summons and Complaint . For additional reading about this case, see Billy’s Briefcase .

We understand that is a lot of reading and probably more time than you want to spend on anything concerning William Koeppel, therefore, today’s episode will offer a recap of Bill’s latest scandal.

[Scene: (Narrated by RCM-1)  RCM-2  sits outside of 350 East 52nd Street with striking staff holding a pile of paperwork from Bill’s latest lawsuit. Striking workers shake their heads in disbelief ]

[RCM-1] Despite DLA Piper’s good faith attempts to recover the outstanding billed amounts, Mr. Koeppel and Whitehouse have failed to honor and comply with their obligations under their agreement with DLA Piper, and have failed to pay the outstanding $88,817.69 due and owing to DLA Piper.

[RCM-2] Check this out, guys – WK is being sued for not paying another bill!  He owes so many people money at this point, we can’t even get non-union service people to come to 350. Word has it that even the painter quit because WK wouldn’t pay him.  Anyway he’s now trying to stiff one of his past lawyers to the tune of $88,817.69.

[RCM-1] The court document states:

The record demonstrates that the legal fees earned under the 2006 retainer were fair and reasonable given the complexity of the matter, the firms’ legal experience and long association with William, the considerable time expended on the matter and the very favorable result obtained (see Rules of Professional Conduct [22 NYCRR 1200.0] rule 1.5, formerly Code of Professional Responsibility DR 2-106 [22 NYCRR 1200.11(b)]).
Moreover, the 2006 retainer was openly negotiated, addressed William’s liquidity
problems, and was independently reviewed by his outside counsel.



[Striking workers and RCM’s clap & jump for joy. Wooo hooo’s could be heard as far away as 51st street]

RCM Episode Review Notes:

Daily News Sept. 8, 1998
The New York millionaire who once said that his mother locked him in a dog cage is biting back.
Real estate heir William Koeppel sued his mother, Roberta, over the family’s estimated $48 million fortune last year in Manhattan Surrogate Court, challenging her handling of properties that he’s due to inherit from his father, Robert. Now he also wants his father’s body exhumed, sources say.
Koeppel, 39, a former fund-raiser for Mayor Giuliani, wouldn’t talk about it. But a cousin, Steven, says some family members “found the death and the circumstances surrounding the death highly unusual.”
Robert Koeppel, who built a property empire in New York and Florida, apparently was felled by a heart attack in 1996 at age 84.
But there was no autopsy and the family finds it curious that, hours after discovering her husband’s body in their $5 million Fifth Ave. apartment, Roberta Koeppel had his office safes delivered to her and drilled open.
Roberta, 61, said in court papers that the safes held stock certificates. Her attorney, Edward Walsh, said she simply “did precisely what an executor is required to do: find out what the decedent owned.”
Walsh adds that “I am quite confident Mr. Koeppel died of natural causes. He was not in the best of health. You don’t have autopsies in situations like this.”
William Koeppel is said to fear that his father met with foul play. He also has told friends that he suspects the safes his mother opened held a priceless watch collection and corporate documents that could help his case against her.
Sources say William and other family shareholders are now trying to wrest away control of three New York City buildings that Roberta manages. The question is who should run those buildings and who will get the houses, the yacht and a $3,000 set of golf clubs.
William – who pleaded guilty in 1996 to pressuring tenants and brokers to contribute to the Giuliani campaign is said lately to be urging the IRS to investigate Roberta and the Koeppel estate.
“We’ve received no notice of any kind from the IRS,” Walsh says.
William would not say whether he’s trying to get the IRS to audit his mother, but in a deposition he admitted to having warned his father that the elder Koeppel was “sowing the seeds of destruction with all his tax evasion.”
He also said in a deposition that his parents fought constantly and that his father once told him: “I have a tightrope to walk. She is out of control and crazy.”
Cousin Steven claims “there was a lot of hate” in the Koeppels’ 40-year marriage.
But according to Roberta, it was William who hastened the patriarch’s death.
“I don’t think he took a knife or gun to him, but his actions were just as lethal,” Roberta, said in court papers. She also said that William “badgered” his dad relentlessly for property ownership and that he once even knocked the arthritic old man to the floor.
William insists he did no such thing. “I always loved and respected my father,” he told us. “We were the best of friends and business partners.”
Which is more than he’ll say about his mother, who he said kept him kenneled and sedated as a child. Roberta has responded that her son is “pathetic” and a “lost soul” but denied any child abuse. In fact, she has accused him of grabbing and twisting her arm, dousing her clothes with a flammable liquid and planting an eavesdropping device in her bedroom. In 1995, she won an order of protection against him.
William, who admits that his gun collection includes an Uzi, has disputed all those charges. But he did try to have his mother arrested in 1996 for attempting to remove items from a Palm Beach condo they’re fighting over.
The matter is due for trial in December.