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If you’ve tuned in to the 350 East 52nd Street Reality Show just one time, you’re probably aware that building owner, William Koeppel has used a number of unconventional methods to rid the building of tenants so that he can turn over the rent stabilized apartments and collect higher market rate rents. (If you’re new to this show and find yourself thinking, that seems illegal, well, it is. see lawsuit).

On this weeks episode, we introduce you to William Koeppel’s latest effort to eliminate his pesky tenants.

[Scene:  15th floor.  Long hallway leads to out door sun deck shared by Resident Cast Members (RCM’s). One of few remaining vestiges of “luxury building”.]

Ready to enjoy a bit of sunshine and company, RCM – J steps off the elevator on the 15th floor when he is alarmed by the new addition to the entrance of the sun roof.

Emergency exit to where?  If there was an actual emergency, RCM’s wonder, what is the plan here?

Once through the emergency exit, be ready to jump.  Here is what you’ll find on the other side of the emergency door:

For rehearsal purposes only, we offer an older photo of the sun deck.  One kind RCM purchased a pool for all tenants to enjoy. Upon discovery of tenant enjoyment, William promptly instructed temporary staff to confiscate and destroy the pool.  RCM’s will not have to worry about the pool obstructing emergency exit.

Because there is no actual exit on the 15th floor sun deck, RCM’s will jump to safety.  Here would be the landing point, 15 floors below:

Warning:  Please do not try this at home.