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Nearly 9 months ago William Koeppel removed the awning from the front of East 52nd Street for the sole purpose of making the striking workers uncomfortable. Almost immediately several compassionate Resident Cast Members (RCM’s) purchased a tent for the striking employees, which foiled William Koeppel’s mal-intentioned plan (see here).  Of course WK did not consider the residents of his building or, have concern for their discomfort.

One of the nice things about renting in a building with a awning is that residents are able to hail a cab in the snow or pouring rain without getting soaked, or, unload their belongings from the car without concern of ruining their laptops or drenching their babies.  In the summer, when all air conditioners are running, the awning protects RCM’s from the constant dripping of water from the units. This is one reason people agree to pay extra for “luxury apartments”. Here at 350 East 52nd Street, we just pay extra for no apparent reason.     

Every single day since the beginning of June there has been a puddle directly outside the front door. It is nearly impossible to plan an exit / entrance to the building without getting at least one large drop of air conditioner juice on one’s head.  week after week, this can become fairly annoying. We think it may be WK’s attempt to drive RCM’s out of the building using his own version of Chinese water torture.   

Here’s our resident puddle.  No matter how hot and sunny, it ceases to dry as the stream of water is continuous.

Our awning has been stored for nearly 9 months in the alley between 340 and 350 East 52nd Street along with the rest of the trash.   All RCM’s on the west side of our building get to enjoy this view daily:

Complaint letters to Duell Management Co. continue to go unanswered. RCM’s are left to wonder why Duell Management continues to represent William Koeppel’s buildings.  Might there be something we don’t know about the relationship with Koppel & Duell?  Stay tuned as we poke around in an attempt to uncover the answer . . .