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April 30th 7:30pm – One of two elevators inoperable.

April 30th 9:30pm – Two of two elevators inoperable.

May 1st.  It’s now 9:30 am and not only are both elevators still not working, there is no sign of an elevator maintenance company on East 52nd Street. After all, why should landlord William Koeppel care, as he enjoys himself in Palm Beach, no doubt laughing his ass off at the enormous rents he is collecting for his ‘Luxury Rental Building’ on East 52nd Street.

There are at least 6 elderly people in the building that in no way could make it up or down the stairs in the event of an emergency.  We have physically challenged people, people with injuries, heart conditions, babies and pregnant women.  One resident cast member was forced to carry her 13 year old, 70lb dog up 12 flights of stairs after waiting 2 hours in the lobby for the elevator repair people to arrive. They never did.

Resident cast members are fuming  and there have been numerous complaints to 311 this morning.

Just like with past incidents of strangers being given unauthorized access to our apartments, when residents complained with no relief, we ask ourselves, “Are we waiting for an actual rape or murder before our rights are recognized?”

Today as we shlep up and down many flights of stairs with our pets and children in tow in an attempt to get to work, we pray that there will be no emergency situations that will endanger the people left alone in their apartments who would be unable to escape or help themselves.  Are we anticipating a fatality? No.  Is it possible? Of course.  We’ll just wait & see.