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In mid February we offered you a preview of the newest ‘staff’ members –  just to assure you that you were on the right channel.  We no longer know what channel we are on.

[roll clip of last month’s episode; insert changes:

With all of the recent changes, and without proper introduction, you would be likely to become as confused as the resident cast members are as they regularly see new ‘extras’ manning (or not) the front desk.

First we are delighted to inform you that the snarling “building manager”  JJ, has been fired. He will no longer be a part of our show and cast members are thrilled to be able to walk through the lobby and not hear JJ swearing at, or firing someone, in the middle of the lobby.  His last day was Friday, February 10th.

Earl, the former daytime doorman will play the part of building manager.  Daniel,(fired) the former weekend porter will be the daytime doorman.  Daniel’s brother Julien (fired) will replace Daniel as the weekend porter –  but until Darien (jailed) gets back from his vacation, Julien will fill in for Darien from 3:00 – 11:00. Except not every day – as in yesterday, when in Darien / Julien’s shift was covered by the windexing stranger. Raymond, another porter has taken some time off from the show to recover from a car accident he had several weeks ago on his way to pick up the UPS packages for 350 East 52nd Street. He visited last weekend but declined to be shown on camera because he is in a neck brace as a result of injuries he suffered from the accident. [Raymond has returned]  Chris, the weekend porter, has also been filling in as doorman recently. Resident cast members are unclear as to whether he is auditioning for the part on a regular basis, or just filling in for someone unknown, in which case, the weekend porter is a mystery.  Finally, the night shift;  Joey (fired) will still be the weekend guy and Ranfi (fired) works weeknights at the moment. Earl’s relative Quincy is a new porter. Word has it that the new night doorman, Daquan, who has replaced Ranfi, is also a relative of Earls. (this has not been confirmed as the entire fact checking department quit.] *

* Due to massive confusion by cast and production team, we leave you to make up the characters for future episodes yourself.

[scene:  March 23, 2012 – a beautiful spring Friday morning at approximately 8:00 am.  Darien mans the front desk as resident cast members stride through lobby on their way to work and look forward to a warm and sunny weekend ahead. At this point we let our viewers in on the fact that Joey, the weekend night doorman has been fired the night before.  Resident cast  members remain unaware of the shake-up and stroll merrily on their way.  At the same time, Daniel (3:00 – 11:00 doorman) receives a phone call at his home from Earl, the previous doorman, now building manager.  ]  [split screen: Daniel answers phone at home]

Daniel: Hello

Earl: This isn’t working out. Don’t come into work anymore.

Daniel: What are you talking about??  Why??  You’re firing me for no reason? Why?

Earl: I don’t have to give you a reason. . . 

(note: conversation as reported by Daniel)

Daniel wakes brother Julien (weekend doorman) and explains what has just happened.  Julien accompanies Daniel on the journey into the city to speak to Earl face to face about the firing.  At aproximately 9:30 am Daniel enters lobby at 350 East 52nd Street and asks for Earl.  Darien, who is Earl’s cousin, is aware that Daniel has been let go, responds by informing Daniel that Earl has not yet arrived and that Daniel must leave the building because he does not work here any more.  Daniel reminds Darien that he’s not the boss of him and then all hell breaks loose. Darien is overheard saying he’s ‘OG”, grabs a weapon from behind the desk and starts swinging!  Striking doormen witness incident and have been filming since Daniel entered the lobby.  We have chosen not to include the video in this episode in order to maintain the PG rating of our show. Daniel managed to escape from the lobby after suffering 3 blows from the club like weapon and only one lobby light bulb was broken in the melee. Within minutes police arrive. Lots of police! They filled the lobby and more stood watch from the side walk outside.
The cops:


Resident cast members later fnd out “OG” stands for Original Gangster . . .?   This is not good news.

By 10:30 Darien (7:00 – 3:00 doorman) & Daniel (3:00 – 11:00 doorman) were arrested & taken out in handcuffs. Earl had still not arrived for work and resident cast members are left to wonder who is minding the store!

The weapon:

[scene: 17th precinct.  After confiscating all personal objects including shoe laces (!), mug shots & fingerprints are taken and Darien and Daniel are placed in separate jail cells facing each other.  They wait.]

According to the police, Darien has quite a rap sheet. Coupled with his attack on Daniel, the police were not about to release him.  Being Friday, it appears as though Darien may have to spend the weekend behind bars before he can see a judge.  He is being charged with a felony according to police.  Daniel was released with a court date to appear before a judge to tell his story and advised to go to the hospital to make sure his injuries were not too severe. Shook up & jobless, Daniel emerged from the police station thankful that he had many witnesses and video to back his words for the judge.  As it turns out, while Daniel sat in his jail cell, Earl was firing Julien.  According to Julien, when asked why he was being fired, Earl replied, “You’re his brother, aren’t you?”  

Julien had to deliver the news to Daniel upon his release.

The arrest:

The injury:

Many resident cast members called building owner, William Koeppel to complain about ex-cons having access to their apartments and running the building. William Koeppel responded by telling them that he would let them out of their lease and they could move out.

[To Be Continued]