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A formal complaint was submitted to William Koeppel on December 22nd to which he had 10 days to respond.  The Notice of Decreased Building-Wide Services details some of the issues such as security, garbage, employee screening, awning removal, vermin, UPS, ect… that residents have been complaining about for many months now.  William Koeppel failed to remedy any of the issues and did not respond to the notice.  The 350 East 52nd Street Tenants Association will now file appropriate action with the DHCR to enforce its rights.  ( Building Wide Rent Reduction DHCR Complaint-addendum )

The penalty to WK for reduction in services will most likely be a reduction in rents paid by tenants who sign the action form.  This is not a court proceeding, rather a decision made by the DHCR after an evaluation of the complaint and therefore the possibility of tenant inclusion on the housing court “blacklist” does not apply.  Please be sure to notify Kirk Swanson (kjswnson@verizon.net) if you have not signed the document and would like to be included in the action.* The typical penalty to the landlord is a 1 year rent roll-back, but ultimately decided by the DHCR.   

Our Notice will be filed within one week so please be sure to sign asap!

*In order to benefit from the rent roll-back, you must sign the form.

If you have additional complaints which are not listed on the Notice of Decreased Building-Wide Services, you may very easily file individual complaints by clicking on this link.

If you have specific questions regarding the DHCR action, please e-mail Joseph Cohen (josephcohenesq@gmail.com).

Earned Interest

If you have not already received it, a 1099 form from Duell Management should be arriving in your mail shortly.  This documents the interest you have due on your security deposit being held by William Koeppel.  You have a legal right to this money either in the form of a check or applied to your rent.  Discussion was had regarding the fact that WK has confiscated multiple security deposits for no apparent reason and that having a check cut and sent to you would be advisable even if the dollar amount is small.  It is your money – why risk losing it?  If you do not have your 1099 form yet, you may want to call Duell Management and inquire.

Class Action Suit

Separate from the DHCR Notice, the building has filed a class action suit against William Koeppel for illegally charging market rate rents for rent stabilized apartments.  All tenants in “market rate apartments”  were reminded until the law suit is resolved, WK is not allowed to communicate to tenants regarding subject of the suit – This means, leases, rent hikes & of course the suit itself.  Market rate tenants are reminded NOT TO SIGN ANYTHING sent to you regarding your lease. If your lease is due to expire, you are legally protected and should continue to pay your current rent until the courts say otherwise.  You will have the right to renew at the rate the court determines and cannot be evicted even though your lease is not current.

The Association’s case has been assigned to a judge.   The time frame for all court proceedings are unknown but will announced as they become available.

Misc. Updates

The DA is reviewing Tom’s illegal eviction and harassment complaint (see episode Guns, Drugs & Lies )

350 East 52nd Street has officially been included in the NY Bedbug Registry Report –  Yay???

Stay tuned for the 2012 East 52nd Street Reality Show Season Premier scheduled to air in early February!