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We apologize for the delay in resuming our regularly scheduled season opening program, but due to lack of heat in the building at 350 East 52nd Street, conditions are too unbearable.  We will leave you with just a few of the many communications from resident cast members (RCM) in the last several days:

RCM 1: “What is up with the heat?  I just got back in town today and my apartment is freezing!   It is traditionally too hot!  Did BK find another way to cut corners?  My dog had an icicle coming off her nose!”

RCM 2: “I called the lobby asking about the lack of heat, the radiators are close to cold. The answer was, “I have no idea.” from the NASA scientist working the desk. I suggested he contact Steve. I smell rent reduction.”

RCM 3: “My apartment is always cold.  We have been complaining about it for years.  We were told that it is now set to be on for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes.  In reality, it is on for 15-20 minutes and off for at least an hour.  In the middle of the night, regardless of the outside temperature, the heat comes on once
at the most.”

RCM 4: “The heat has been off for hours.”

RCM 5: “I also filed a complaint online.  It’s so cold in my apartment and has been like this all winter.”

RCM 6: “I hear it coming up now-first time in hours”

RCM 7: “In my apartment with my coat on”

RCM 8: “I have just filed a 311 complaint.  Slept with three blankets last night and I am wearing two sweaters in my apartment today.”


We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be thawed out soon – Stay tuned!