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[Previously on Luxury Living in Midtown. . .   3 clips of last weeks episode
run for 30 seconds]

  • 3 police incidents in lobby on Nov. 30th
  • Landlord William Koepell tells police the live in super is really a part-time janitor & begs police to evict the superintendent
  • Brian Rexroat calls his client’s tenant a “dick sucker”

<re-run of last weeks episode>


Tom the Building Manager sips a glass of Merlot on couch in his residence.
Tenants completely fed up with chaos in building organize a tenants meeting
12th floor residents agree to share a ‘hall cat’ to combat rodent problem

Dec 9th, 2011
No UPS pick up today.  Raymond, one of 2 remaining building porters was asked to go to the west side UPS depot. He was told he would be given money to cart the UPS deliveries back to 350 east 52nd street in a cab.  No one came to give him money so he did not go.
Rumor has it that our night doorman, Jacob has a previously planned evening off tonight.  JJ, the new super / building manager is “unable to fill in” but has arranged for a complete stranger with no doorman experience to work the night shift.  This stranger will have access to tenants keys & everything else in the building.  He can have no way of knowing who lives here & who does not so anyone stumbling out of one of the bars on 2nd Ave. could no doubt walk right in.
The fill-in for the replacement doorman was due to arrive at 10:45, allowing just 15 minutes for ‘training.’  He showed up at 11:14 and introduced himself as Ranfi. Ranfi looked to be about 17 years old.  We all know it’s not polite to ask strangers their age,  so the tenant in the lobby asked Ranfi if he worked for Modern Staffing instead.  Ranfi answered,  “No, I’m just here as a replacement.”  (???)  Who is Ranfi?
[ scene pans to video clip of  kid walking along center divider on Houston Street holding a cardboard sign with the words “NEED WORK” written in black sharpie]
– commercial break –
[scene – tenants gathered together for association meeting to discuss state of affairs in building]
After being briefed on the status of the usual disturbances at 350 such as the rodent problem, garbage mounds, confiscated rent deposits, cell towers, strikers and and UPS debacle, tenant Kirk S. gives neighbors an update on the latest news from the lawyers.  The class action suit is moving along well and all tenants are looking forward to resolution.
Tenants volunteered to take on specific tasks of tracking and recording the events at 350 East 52nd St. in an effort to make sure William Koepell receives justice when these cases go to court.
What happened next was beyond distressing.  Tenants were reminded of the situation with Modern Staffing’s efforts last week  to evict Tom the building manager.  Tenants were then warned that the following recorded phone conversation between Tom and Jim Rexroat (owner of Modern Staffing) would be extremely disturbing. A short piece of a long recording was then played for the tenants.


The short version of the recording as we understand it, is that Jim Rexroat threatened to call the NYPD and tell them Tom was intoxicated, slurring his speech, on anti depressants and baricaded in his apartment with a pistol, threatening to hurt the staff from Modern Staffing and himself. Tom would be removed from the apartment in a straight jacket.
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[ scene to be continued. Episode cuts away from scene and jumps to daily events of Friday eve, Dec. 9th]
December 9th, 2011
Two cleaning ladies arrive at 350 to clean an apartment on the 14th Floor but were given the keys to an apartment on the 4th floor instead.  Mysteriously, after asking for keys to the 14th floor apt., the 2 women go to the 4th floor apartment and begin cleaning.  After they were there a while they realized they were in the wrong apartment as they had been to the apartment on the 14th floor in the past.   The wrong apartment on the fourth floor belongs to a tenant with a dog.  Is is possible that they didn’t recognize  not only the apartment was completely different but there was a strange dog in it???   (Stay tuned for next weeks episode to find out!)  When the dogs’ owner came home he found his precious pup hiding under the desk & smelling of perfume.  Many things had been moved around & even cleaned! Remarkably, the sponge from his kitchen was used to clean the bathroom  😦  and (thankfully) left on the side of the tub.  He called downstairs to the lobby & told them there was a break in.  When he was told about “the mistake”  he checked his apartment & didn’t think anything was taken.
11/9/2011  A UPS box was marked in big red letters Apt XC.  The renter of the apartment opened it before realizing it was not theirs.
Recently a the same thing happened to long time tenant of the building.  When the tenant returned the mis-marked opened box  to the lobby, the label was missing as well as some of the items in it.  It took some time before it was found out to whom the package belonged.
The tenant is being charged $250.00  for the shipment because it was signed for & the vendor won’t refund her because of the missing items. She had to go to the NYPD today (11/9) to file a report in order to rectify the situation with the vendor.
New mouse sitings. 1st rodent sighting in one particular apartment on the 6th floor.
and we heard from the 4th floor as well:

“My cat  has caught two mice in the last two days and I expect one more dead one when I come home tonight. I can always tell when there are mice around when I see her stalking the kitchen.”
2 tenants on the 12th floor have yet to discover mice in their homes but do know their neighbor had reported “hundreds”,  decide to share a cat.  They discuss the possibility of keeping it in the hallway for the benefit of the entire floor.

Names withheld to protect the innocent.

Dec 10th, 2011
Tenant wakes on this Saturday morning and there is no coffee in the apartment. Tenant checks e-mail sans caffeine and reads notification from Amazon.com  that a UPS coffee shipment is being held hostage. This tenant pays an annual fee of $79 for the service of 2 day UPS shipping with Amazon.com.  Coffee was due to arrive 11/9 but UPS was not picked up.
[credits roll as tenant walks through lobby & heads outside in search of caffiene]