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Meet Good-Guy, Dan Quart:

In this episode we feature guest star Dan Quart.  If you don’t recognize the name Dan Quart, don’t worry – you will soon!  Dan is running for NY State Assembly and we’re pretty sure he’ll have no problem winning that seat on September 13th.  Not only because he’s strongly supported by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, NYC Councilmember Jennifer Lappin, and State Senator Jose Serrano (many of whom you’ve seen on previous episodes of the 350 East 52nd Street Reality Show), but because he’s a good and decent human being with a clear view on how to improve NYC.

Dan’s focus is on the issues that will make the Big Apple a better place for all such as improving the education by obtaining the funding to alleviate overcrowding & attract the best educators, creating jobs for NY-ers, improving & properly maintaining the transportation system, improving our air quality through innovative programs incentizing landlords to use clean fuel boilers and of course, he will help alleviate detrimental housing issues – especially those affecting seniors.

Dan’s been working behind the scenes with the 350 East 52nd Street tenants to help clean up the set!  Although we’ll be sorry to see him go when he is elected State Assemblyman, the cast would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best.  We understand his talents are best utilized for the greater good.

This isn’t an ad for Dan Quart, (you’ll find that below!) but a reminder to get out & vote in the September 13th election.

Schumer, Gillibrand Endorse Dan Quart In AD 73

It would’ve been way more shocking if they hadn’t, but Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are throwing their support to 73rd AD special election hopeful and fellow Democrat Dan Quart, The Daily Politics has learned.

Gillibrand said Quart, who wants the seat Jonathan Bing gave up to work for Gov. Cuomo, “has dedicated himself to serving his community and focusing on the community issues that matter most.

“As East Siders and New Yorkers get to know Dan, they will realize how well his history of service has prepared him for the State’s capitol.”

“As a former Assemblymember, I understand that idealism and experience are required to be a good legislator in Albany,” Schumer said.

“Dan Quart has both and our state and his district will be better off with him as a representative and leader.”

Quart, a contract and labor lawyer, has lived on the East Side of Manhattan since 1989. He co-chaired Community Board 8’s Transportation Committee and chaired the 2nd Avenue Subway Task Force.

“I am honored and humbled to be endorsed by such strong, committed public servants,” he said.

“On the East Side, we have a strong tradition of public servants who are hard-working, compassionate, ethical and committed to their community. I plan to continue that tradition, and I am proud to be supported by others who share those values.”

Go Dan!  The 350 East 52nd Street Tenants Association wishes you all the best!

And now for the ad as promised earlier: 🙂

Please Vote!

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