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Once again I find myself trapped in my apartment.   As I stepped off the elevator to run an errand I could hear William Koeppel in the lobby tormenting one of the staff members.  I quickly turned around and jumped back into the elevator before the door had a chance to close.  William Koepell comes to the building almost daily for no other reason than to spew insults at the striking workers.

I know this may seem incomprehensible to most, but I can assure you that  ‘The East 52nd Street Reality Show’  is not in any way scripted or embellished for the audience.  William Koeppel is so very proud of the fact that periodically he is having the garbage picked up by some guy with a Uhaul truck.

What I heard when I stepped off the elevator was William Koeppel yelling loudly to one of the striking men (whom he has a particular hatred for),  “Look, Pierre! No garbage!!  See, Pierre, the garbage is all gone!  No more garbage, Pierre!”  (wtf?)

Now, I could be wrong, but wouldn’t it be considered a normal, routine occurrence to have the trash picked up regularly?  Surely it is one of the services most missed by tenants here.  Koeppel’s most likely still yelling to the men outside as I sit here trapped in my apartment.