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Welcome to the 350 East 52nd Street Reality Show!

About 2months ago I heard a commotion outside so I went down to investigate. When I got to the front door, this is what I saw:

A giant rat.

And lots of people walking around with signs and yelling something about a fair contract.  Apparently the owner of the building is unwilling to sign the contract with the union and it’s more than year over due.  The employees health insurance has been eliminated & they want the owner sign the contract with the union so that they can be insured again.   The rat is a warning that a strike is eminent.

Now the strike is on . . . and now the building has real rats.   It also has a sociopath, security guards, a revolving staff of temporary workers, roaches, foul smells,  mounds and mounds of garbage both inside & outside – and maggots.  yes, maggots.

The  “luxury building”  has become drama central and it feels like we’re all living in a reality show.  I leave you with a preview of the upcoming series:

Episode 1: The Woman Who Arrived Home To Find Her Ex in Her Bed!

Episode 2: Castellano Family Garbage Pickup

Episode 3: Landlord employs Unique Method to Eliminate Tenants –
Cell Tower Radiation!

Episode 4: A $950 Annual Rent Increase – Is This a Joke?

Episode 5: Rats, Roaches & Maggots

Episode 6: Who Are These People???

Episode 7: Should Sociopaths be allowed to Own Uzi’s?

Episode 8: Government Intervention on East 52nd Street